Woman And 5-Year-Old Boy Killed In Crash In Weld CountyA 20-year-old woman died and two children in her vehicle were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.
Fast Actions Speed Teen’s Recovery From StrokeWe associate stroke with the elderly. Nearly three-quarters of all strokes do occur in people over the age of 65. But a teenager from Fort Lupton is proof that kids of all ages can have strokes too.
Pilot Survives Helicopter Crash In Weld CountyA 25-year-old pilot walked away with minor injuries after her helicopter crashed near a medical center on Monday.
Boil Water Notice Issued For Brighton ResidentsThe city council in Brighton is starting a special meeting to discuss what it calls an emergency issue with its water service.
NASCAR Simulator Helps Pediatric PatientsPediatric patients are getting back into the race at the Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton.
Mom Pays It Forward In Saving A LifeWhen seven men lifted a car off 3-year-old Josh Johnson last year and saved his life, his family members talked of how they hoped they could one day repay the debt to the good Samaritans.