Plastic Bags

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The Plastic Bag Issue Coming to a Ballot Box Near You

The Roaring Fork Valley is leading the way on addressing plastic bags in grocery stores, and what they are doing might appear on a ballot near you soon.


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Carbondale Joins Ban On Plastic Shopping Bags

Carbondale town trustees have approved a ban on plastic shopping bags at local grocery stores.


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Basalt Resident Challenging Grocery Bag Fee

A Basalt resident is gathering signatures to try to overturn a town ordinance imposing a 20-cent fee on paper and plastic grocery bags.


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Aspen Bans Plastic Bags, Sets Fee For Paper

The Aspen City Council has voted to ban plastic bags from its two grocery stores and place a 20-cent fee on paper bags.


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Grocers Not Pleased With Aspen’s Proposal To Ban Plastic Bags

Aspen leaders were scheduled Tuesday evening to vote on a proposal that would ban grocery stores from using plastic bags.


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Aspen Considers Ban On Plastic Bags

Aspen City Council members have changed their minds and are considering a ban on plastic bags instead of charging a fee.


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Plastic Bag Decision Delayed In Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs wants to hold off on a potential plastic bag fee until other communities take action.


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Aspen To Consider Fee On Paper, Plastic Bags

Aspen officials are considering a 20-cent fee for every plastic or paper bag used by grocery store customers.