Pine Beetles

Beetle-killed trees (credit: CBS)

Market Improving For Beetle-Killed Trees

Rising timber prices are improving the market for trees killed by spruce beetles in the Rio Grande National Forest.


A pine beetle (credit: CBS)

Summit Being Held On Beetle-Killed Trees

Business leaders and elected officials are meeting to discuss efforts to deal with beetle-killed pine trees in Colorado.


Beetle-killed trees (credit: CBS)

Nonprofit Trying To Use Beetle-Infested Timber

Rich Dziomba, director of nonprofit organization Blue Knight Group, has a vision of turning dead trees from the bark beetle epidemic into biomass projects that would create sustainable energy.


A worker clears a tree killed by pine beetles. (credit: CBS4 File)

Double Trouble From Colorado Pine Beetles

Mountain pine beetles that are devastating forests across the West have been breeding twice a year the last three years, not just once, University of Colorado researchers say.


A pine beetle (credit: CBS)

Colorado GOP’s Beetle-Kill Timber Bill Questioned

Colorado Republicans want to eliminate local restrictions they say stifle the sale of beetle-killed timber. But groups representing local governments say there are no such restrictions.


The Colorado River (credit: CBS)

Study: Pine Beetles Could Trigger Earlier Snowmelt

A new study suggests the mountain pine beetle outbreak in the West could trigger earlier snowmelt and increased water yields from snowpack under beetle-killed trees.



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