Teacher Accused Of Assaulting Student Who Refused To Stand For Pledge Of AllegiancePolice confirmed they're investigating reports that teacher assaulted a student who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Superintendent Teaches P.E. Classes In Jefferson CountyThe head of the Jefferson County School District stepped in to teach P.E. classes at three elementary schools on Wednesday.
Lawmakers Hammer Out Compromise On Physical Education BillA bill that would make physical education mandatory in schools got a step closer to becoming law on Tuesday. A compromise was hammered out that allowed it to pass.
Colorado Considers More Physical Activity In SchoolsColorado lawmakers are starting work on mandatory recess or physical activity requirements for schools.
Modern PE Classes A Real Balancing ActThe days of dodge ball are numbered in most schools. Physical education classes are getting much more sophisticated, the goal is to build skills that will turn children into life-long exercisers.
Aurora Company Combines Video Gaming With FitnessWorking out can become a chore for some adults, and some children would rather play video games than engage in physical activity.