Trampoline Danger: More Kids Are Jumping Into The Emergency RoomA new caution from the nation's pediatricians is out. They say commercial trampoline injuries are way up -- and they caution parents to use some common sense measures when the kids are bouncing around.
Is My Baby Sick? Or Is It Just A Case Of Teething?There are few things worse than a cranky baby, mainly because they can't tell you what's going on. And one of the more common reasons for crankiness in infants is teething. CBS4's Dr. Dave Hnida looks at a new study that says -- if there is fever -- the problem is likely more than a new tooth.
Getting The Best Advice On ParentingNew parents get lots of advice when it comes to taking care of an infant, but a new study shows much of that advice can be off the mark, putting a baby at risk for health problems. CBS4's Dr. Dave Hnida has more on the research, and how to get the best advice.
Scooting Along To A Broken WristA new study shows a 40 percent increase in the number of emergency room visits for injuries caused by children's toys. One type of "toy" leads the pack. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida has details.
Laundry Detergent Pods Attractive To Children, Study SaysLaundry detergent packets -- those small and sometimes highly colorful pods of liquid soap -- are resulting in emergency room and hospital visits for children in Colorado and nationwide.
They May Look Like Candy To Your Child, But ...The price of convenience may make "laundry detergent pods" seem like a good deal, but these products may carry a high cost to your child's health. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida reports on a new study which shows a high number of poisonings from these pods since their introduction just a few years ago.
Study Says ADHD Continues Into Adulthood, Colorado Man Can HelpIt turns out attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) isn't just an irritating childhood disorder. New research shows nearly a third of children continued to have ADHD as an adult.
Report: Children Can Become More Aggressive By Watching A Lot Of TVTwo new studies suggest what children watch on television could affect their behavior.
It's Okay To Live With A CrybabyWhat should you do if you've got a baby who screams through the night? Pick them up, or let them cry? A new study says the right answer is somewhere in between -- a little cuddling and a little crying. Dr. Dave Hnida reports on how to survive the nights of babyhood.
We Are Like Politicians ...When the last time you had your kid's cholesterol checked? Experts say to start at age 9. But wait. Other experts say the first set of experts have ties to the cholesterol drug industry. What's a parent to do? CBS4's Dr Dave Hnida has some tips.
Baby's Best Friend -- Bow Wow!If you've got a new baby on the way, don't forget to pick up a bone when you go shopping for a pacifier. Dr. Dave Hnida reports on a new study that shows having a canine in the household may pay big dividends when it comes to a newborn's health.
The Longer, The BetterLooking to have the smartest child possible? One answer may be letting your child camp out in the womb for as long as possible -- even after reaching "full-term." Dr. Dave Hnida reports on how a few extra days can mean a few extra points of IQ.