Paige Birgfeld

Paige Birgfeld (credit: CBS)

DNA Links Found Remains To Paige Birgfeld

DNA testing has provided more evidence that remains found earlier this month in Western Colorado are those of Paige Birgfeld.


Frank Birgfeld, right, speaks with CBS4's Dominic Garcia on March 9. (credit: CBS)

Back In Denver, Birgfeld’s Father Looks Ahead

Investigators are now plotting a way forward after finding remains believed to be those of Paige Birgfeld.


Paige Birgfeld (credit: CBS)

Birgfeld’s Dad Stays At Site Where Remains Were Found

Investigators on Colorado’s Western Slope are continuing to search for evidence in the area where remains that are thought to be that of Paige Birgfeld were discovered.


Paige Birgfeld (credit: CBS)

Hiker Finds Remains Tentatively ID’d As Missing Grand Junction Mom

A hiker has found human remains tentatively identified as belonging to Paige Birgfeld. The Grand Junction mother has been missing since 2007 and was considered by investigators to be a murder victim.


Paige Birgfeld (credit: CBS)

New Developments Emerge In Missing Woman Case

It’s a missing persons case that has baffled investigators for years. Paige Birgfeld disappeared in June 2007. The mother of three left her home in Grand Junction and was never seen again.



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