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Ovarian Cancer

(credit: CBS)

Paralympian Shares Her Story About Ovarian Cancer, Promotes ‘Jodi’s Race’

Ovarian cancer is a growing topic, especially after actress Angelina Jolie announced she has a gene that puts her at a higher risk for the disease as well as breast cancer.


Researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Center hope to someday have an early detection test for ovarian cancer. (credit: CBS)

Colorado Researchers Hope To Develop Test To Earlier Detect Ovarian Cancer

Researchers in Colorado are hoping to save the lives of more women by developing a test to detect ovarian cancer in its early stage.


(credit: CBS)

Jodi’s Race For Awareness Raises $$ To Fight Ovarian Cancer

Guadalupe “Pep” Torres, the executive director of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance, stopped by CBS4 studios to talk about her story, which isn’t an easy one that involves the loss of her mother.