Red Cross Workers In Colorado & Wyoming Deploy To MidwestDisaster workers from the Red Cross in Colorado and Wyoming are on their way to the Midwest.
Two Police Officers Shot, Killed In OhioTwo police officers died after being shot Saturday in Westerville, Ohio, a northern suburb of Columbus, authorities said.
Boys Charged With Murder After Sandbag Thrown From Overpass Kills ManOne of the bags crashed through the window of a car traveling below, hitting and killing a 22-year-old man.
Police Split On Use Of NarcanSome argue administering Narcan subjects officers to danger while making no lasting impact on the death toll.
Ohio Lawmakers Pass Bill Prohibiting Abortions In Down Syndrome CasesThe bill prohibits abortions after tests reveal Down syndrome in a fetus
No. 13 Xavier Beats Colorado 96-69Xavier completed a streak of non-conference payback wins by drubbing the Colorado Buffaloes on Saturday.
Solider From Ohio Killed In Snowboarding Crash In ColoradoA snowboarder killed when he hit a tree at a Colorado ski area was a 23-year-old soldier from Ohio.
'Double Hat Bandit' Arrested After Robbing Banks In Seven StatesShayne Carson, 54, is thought to be responsible for at least 18 bank robberies in seven states, including Colorado. 
Cincinnati Zoo Welcomes New Gorilla A Year After HarambeA new gorilla is making himself at home at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Thief Steals 15-Pound Pet Mini Pig Named SpamThe owners say they suspect the thief is planning to sell the miniature pig, which they say could be valued at as much as $1,000.
'Zawadi' Tops Baby Giraffe Naming Contest At ZooA northeast Ohio zoo says its baby giraffe has a name.
Head Knocked Off Confederate Soldier Statue In CemeteryThe head from a statue of a Confederate soldier is missing from a cemetery in Ohio.