Occupy Wall Street

Gov. John Hickenlooper at the Garden of the Gods on Tuesday (credit: CBS)

Occupy Protesters Interrupt Governor At The Garden Of The Gods

Occupy protestors interrupted Gov. John Hickenlooper at the Garden of the Gods Tuesday afternoon.


An image of the protest from Oct. 29. (credit: Mark Neitro)

Denver Says Occupy Protests Cost $430K In Overtime

The city of Denver has spent about $430,000 on overtime and materials on Occupy Denver protests but expects to be able to cover those costs within its existing budget.


(credit: CBS)

Police Dismantle Protest Site In Colorado Springs

Police have dismantled an anti-Wall Street protest site in downtown Colorado Springs.


Occupy Denver protesters on Friday. (credit: CBS)

Occupy Denver A Movement In Flux

As the national Occupy Wall Street protests enter their third month, Denver’s version is shaping up as a fluctuating movement whose numbers and goals shift with the day of the week.


Daniel Garcia shows the ticket he received for honking at Occupy Denver protests to CBS4's Stan Bush. (credit: CBS)

Occupy Denver Supporter Ticketed For Honking At Protesters

A well-known attorney said the police in Denver are going too far in their response to the Occupy Denver protests.


An image of the protest from Oct. 29. (credit: Mark Neitro)

Occupy Denver Protests Cost Police Less Than Thought

The overtime bill for police in Denver associated with the Occupy Denver protests is much less than previously estimated.


(credit: ThinkStock)

3 Charged At Grand Junction Foreclosure Auction

Three people have been detained after they interrupted a foreclosure auction in Grand Junction.


An image from the protest on Saturday (credit: Mark Neitro)

Dezzutti: Occupy Protests Becoming Taxing

Denver police say anti-Wall Street protests cost taxpayers more than $360,000 for the first few weeks of last month, and the costs keep rising. CBS4Denver.com Blogger Dominic Dezzutti shares a personal observation about the scene at Civic Center Park his latest entry.


(credit: CBS)

Occupy Denver Protesters Moving To Federal Building

Occupy Wall Street supporters in Denver are preparing to move from Civic Center Park to another city park to make way for a Veteran’s Day celebration.


Michael Moore at the Occupy Denver rally on Nov. 3 (credit: CBS)

Hypocrisy Comes To Occupy Denver

“I’m wondering who Michael Moore held as a higher priority, people who bought his book or people standing in the cold,” CBSDenver.com blogger Dominic Dezzutti writes in his latest blog entry.




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