May Day Protest Draws About 2 Dozen PeopleA May Day protest near the state Capitol in Denver drew about two dozen people Friday.
Police Arrest 6 At Downtown Denver ProtestPolice in Denver arrested six protesters in downtown Denver on Saturday night after spraying the group with pepper spray.
Witnesses Take Stand In Fort Collins Arson TrialWitnesses are taking the stand in an arson trial in Fort Collins. Benjamin Gilmore is accused of starting a fire that caused $10 million in damage to a condo complex.
Boulder City Parks To Close Overnight, Occupy Feels TargetedAll city parks in the City of Boulder will shut down overnight. Enforcement will begin Wednesday.
Occupy Denver Supporter Ticketed For Honking At ProtestersA well-known attorney said the police in Denver are going too far in their response to the Occupy Denver protests.
Occupy Denver Protesters Rally To Mark Movement's AnniversaryOccupy Denver protesters gathered at the City County Building in Denver at noon Thursday.
Occupy Denver Protests Cost Police Less Than ThoughtThe overtime bill for police in Denver associated with the Occupy Denver protests is much less than previously estimated.
3 Charged At Grand Junction Foreclosure AuctionThree people have been detained after they interrupted a foreclosure auction in Grand Junction.
The 1 Percent: $344k & UpThe top 1 percent of America's wage earners now take in nearly a fourth of the nation's income each year. That's about twice what it was 25 years ago.