Scientists In Colorado Accidentally Engineer Plastic-Eating EnzymeScientists in Colorado have accidentally engineered a mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles.
New Technology Allows Windows To Tap Solar EnergyA team of Colorado researchers may have revolutionized the way buildings are constructed and harness the power of the sun.
Future Engineers Show Off Their Science SkillsFuture engineers showed off their science skills on Saturday. It was all part of the Junior Solar Sprint and Lithium-Ion Battery Car competition.
Massive Hail Storm Takes On Over 3,000 Solar Panels And LosesHailstones up to 2.75 inches in diameter were reported in the Denver metro area.
'War Eagle' Visits Colorado Wind Facility To Help Protect Other RaptorsNova was chosen for the job because he's just a few of all the eagles in captivity that have the ability to fly.
Two Counties That Better Get Used to AttentionPaul Ryan's visit to Lakewood is just one example how two counties in Colorado are about to get some intense attention this season. What the effect of that attention will be is the big question.
Some Say NREL Job Cuts A Bad Sign For Green Energy IndustryThe flagship laboratory for alternative energy in Colorado is trimming its workforce. Critics say it's a sign of things to come for the green energy industry.
NREL Hopes Voluntary Buyouts Will Help Trim WorkforceThe National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden is hoping voluntary buyouts will help trim its workforce.
Pollution-Free Vehicle On Display In Colorado Gets 55 MPGA pollution-free, 55 miles per gallon SUV could be on the market as soon as 2014. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory showed off the Kia Borrego Monday in Estes Park at the Coolest Car Show in Colorado.
The NREL Budget SmokescreenIt may appear that Lamborn and the other signatories on the letter are on a warpath against renewable energy and are also dedicated to making sure that all federally funded programs deliver true results to taxpayers. But I believe that it’s simply a smokescreen to an entirely different political agenda.
Colorado Lawmaker Wants To Cut Renewable Energy FundsColorado congressman Doug Lamborn is one of nine House members asking that funds be yanked from programs that finance the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in suburban Denver.
Biden Touts Obama's Renewable Energy Investment In NREL SpeechColorado is back in the presidential race spotlight for 2012 with Vice President Joe Biden hosting the first major fundraiser in the state Friday morning for President Barack Obama.