NORAD, Northern Command Getting New LeaderThe two military operations responsible for protecting North America are getting a new commander.
Civilian Military Workers Back On The Job In ColoradoOver 3,000 civilian military workers are back on the job in Colorado.
Office Supplies In 5 Suspicious Packages At NORADAuthorities say five suspicious packages that caused a lockdown at the home of NORAD and U.S. Northern Command were routine office supplies.
Military: C-130 Tankers To Resume FirefightingAir Force C-130 tankers will resume firefighting flights Tuesday after the crash of another tanker plane over the weekend that left four crew members dead and two others seriously injured, the military said.
US Commander: Alaska Fuel Delivery A Hopeful SignA U.S. military commander says the international effort to bring fuel to an iced-in Alaskan city is a promising sign for cooperation in the Arctic.