North Korea

University of Denver Dean Christopher Hill on "CBS This Morning" (credit: CBS)

DU Dean & Former Ambassador Warns About North Korean Nuclear Testing

The United Nations is promising even more sanctions, and they could target financial institutions, after North Korea tested a nuclear bomb.


NORAD (credit:

NORAD: North Korean Object Appeared To Reach Orbit

The North American Aerospace Defense Command says North Korea appears to have launched “an object” into Earth orbit, but neither the missile used nor debris from the launch are a threat to North America.


Madeleine Albright (credit: CBS)

Madeleine Albright Talks Foreign Relations On Eve Of Collection

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is well known for making statements with her jewelry. A collection of her brooches opens at the Denver Art Museum for an exhibit on Sunday.


north korea jong un

North Korea: China’s Superpower Test

China is emerging as a world superpower and how they treat the situation in North Korea may define their future role in Asia and the world.




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