9-Year-Old Given Weeks To Live Wants Christmas Cards NowJacob has Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, and doctors told his family in early October he probably only had a month to live.
Girl With Shaved Head Inspires Other Kids To Do SameThe little girl with cancer who made headlines when her friend shaved off all her hair in a show of solidarity is encouraging other children to get involved-- the first one to come forward is a boy from Frisco.
Cancer Patient 'Never Knew We Could Become Famous For Being Bald'She's been cleared to return to school in Grand Junction with her shaved head, but now a little girl has brought support for her friend with cancer to the Denver area.
'Step Up For Cancer' Raises Money For 45 Cancer OrganizationsClimbing a few flights of stairs can go a long way in the fight against cancer.