Teens' Experience Shows Campus Reality For Native AmericansIn the Gray brothers' case, the encounter highlighted the complicated cultural circumstances Native Americans often must navigate in mainstream settings. That includes universities where they are likely to encounter students, professors and parents unaware of tribal value systems and how they differ from their own.
High School Keeps Mascot, Collaborates With Native American TribeStrasburg High School calls themselves the “Home of the Indians.” The Native American mascot has served them well through the years, but more recently, it's been at the center of a nationwide controversy.
GoFundMe Launched For Native American Students Who Were Questioned During TourA woman has developed a GoFundMe page for two Native American young men who were questioned by police at Colorado State University during a campus tour.
CSU Police Body Cam Video Released, 911 Call: 'Hands In Pockets' Caused ConcernThe concerned parent who called police during a tour of the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins, called not once, but twice on the Native American young men who she called suspicious.
CSU Offers VIP Campus Tour To Native Americans Who Were QuestionedOfficials at Colorado State University are in damage control mode after two Native American brothers had "unwelcoming and concerning experience" on a campus tour.
Police Called To Investigate Native Americans On CSU TourThe two prospective students were questioned by campus police after a parent on the tour reported she was nervous about their presence.
Trump Calls Warren 'Pocahontas' At Event Honoring NavajosNative American leaders have called Trump's past attacks on Warren offensive and distasteful.
Native Americans Keep Grasslands Traditions Alive With DanceFor hundreds of years Native Americans have expressed themselves through clothing and dance.
Dances Tell Important Stories At Denver March Pow-WowMore than 1,000 dancers from over 100 different Native American tribes come to the Denver Coliseum at this time every year to bring a lesson in diversity.
Sand Creek Massacre Healing Run Marks 152 YearsDescendants of Native Americans killed in the Sand Creek massacre are making their annual healing run from Colorado's Eastern Plains to Denver as they mark the 152nd anniversary of the attack.
'It Hit Us Hard': Navajo Nation In New Mexico Still Suffering From Mine SpillShiprock, a volcanic plume frozen in time, is sacred to the Navajo people who live there. So too is the water that flows through this land. Last August that water, which brings life, brought trouble.
Colorado Schools With Native American Mascots To Meet With TribesGov. John Hickenlooper is putting pressure on schools that have mascots that could be considered offensive to Native Americans.