Cassini's End Viewed In Colorado: 'A Sad Moment, But A Fantastic Mission'It was a bittersweet morning in Boulder for the science community at the University of Colorado.
For Colorado Scientist, Cassini's End Will Include A Sip Of WhiskeyFor two decades, Cassini has been sending historical information about Saturn to us and using Colorado-built instruments to help do it.
NASA's Saturn-Orbiting Cassini Spacecraft Faces Fiery FinishAfter a 20-year voyage, NASA's Cassini spacecraft is poised to dive into Saturn this week to become forever one with the exquisite planet.
Colorado Astronaut Returns To Earth With Record-Breaking Peggy WhitsonAstronaut Peggy Whitson returned to Earth late Saturday, wrapping up a record-breaking flight that catapulted her to first place for U.S. space endurance.
CU Boulder Ships New Climate Instrument To Florida For November LaunchIt will monitor how much sunlight hits the earth.
NASA Is Hiring A Planetary Protection Officer To Protect Earth From AliensNASA is looking to hire a Planetary Protection Officer who would protect Earth from possible alien contamination.
International Space Station To Pass Over Denver Twice TonightThe first pass will be at 9:00 pm and it will last for a minute.
Colorado Scientists Keep Close Eye On Iceberg That Broke FreeA giant iceberg is causing shockwaves in Boulder.
NASA's 'Super Guppy' Plane Lands At BuckleyIt's not an invasion. You did actually see a strange-looking plane flying over Aurora on Tuesday.
Get Your Solar Eclipse Viewers Before It's Too Late, But Buyer BewareIn less than 60 days a rare event will be visible to millions of Americans.
SpaceX Launches 1st Recycled Supply ShipThe unmanned Falcon rocket blasted off carrying a Dragon capsule that made a station delivery nearly three years ago.
NASA Spacecraft Will Aim Straight For Sun Next YearA NASA spacecraft will aim straight for the sun next year.

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