Haley Stanfield with Logan Borchik (credit: CBS)

Idaho Springs Woman, Boyfriend Charged In Baby’s Death

An Idaho Springs woman accused of trying to have her boyfriend killed following the death of her infant son is now charged in the boy’s death along with the boyfriend.


Tony Dotson (credit: Denver DA)

Convicted Rapist Found Guilty For Trying To Kill Victim

A convicted rapist was found guilty of trying to kill his victim before she could testify against him.


Haley Stanfield (credit: Facebook)

Idaho Springs Woman Charged With Arranging To Have Her Ex Killed

Investigators in Idaho Springs say a young mother’s elaborate plan to have her ex-boyfriend killed was thwarted when the intended hit man went to police.


Christian Harvey (credit: Arapahoe County Police)

Inmate Caught On Tape Ordering A Murder For Hire

An inmate that was caught on tape ordering a murder for hire later admitted to it and still was found “not guilty” by a jury.


Tony Dotson (credit: CBS)

Man Who Allegedly Tried To Have Rape Victim Killed Sentenced To 96 Years

Suspect Tony Dotson was sentenced to 96 years in prison on Friday in the case of the brutal rape of a woman.


Christopher Wells (credit: Douglas County Sheriff)

Suspects In Murder For Hire Plot To Stand Trial

A judge said there is enough evidence for four men accused in a murder-for-hire plot to stand trial.


An image of Brooks Kellogg seen on the Chadwick Real Estate Group Web site on Oct. 21, 2010.

Murder-For-Hire Case Could Be Settled Soon

A murder-for-hire case could be resolved by the end of the week after a plea deal was reached on Tuesday.


An image of Brooks Kellogg seen on the Chadwick Real Estate Group Web site on Oct. 21, 2010.

Judge Asked To Dismiss Colorado Murder-For-Hire Case

Defense attorneys are asking a judge to dismiss a murder-for-hire case against a Chicago real estate developer in Colorado, accusing the government of misconduct.