Deer Hunting Limited In Colorado, Other Western U.S. States After Tough WinterColorado imposed hunting limits to help isolated wildlife herds recover from the winter.
Bear, Mountain Lion Hunting Proposal Under FireTwo wildlife non-profit organizations are suing the federal government over a controversial plan to trap and kill dozens of Colorado’s black bears and mountain lions.
Wildlife Managers Monitoring Severe Winter Conditions, Impacts To Animals A ConcernWaves of heavy snow and extreme cold are creating some of the most most extreme conditions in parts of Colorado in more than three decades, and that could lead to big problems for the state's wildlife in those areas.
Plague Discovered In Mule Deer In Colorado SpringsEl Paso County health officials confirm a new case of the plague in Colorado Springs.
Wildlife Corridors Set To Be Installed Along Highway 9One of the most dangerous roads in the state will soon be a lot safer with the addition of wildlife overpasses.
Deer Rescued After Being Stranded On Icy LakeColorado wildlife officials with help from Coors brewery employees have rescued a large mule deer stranded on an icy lake near Golden.
Panel Approves Big Game Hunting License NumbersThe Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved lowering the number of licenses available for hunting mule deer, elk and pronghorn.
Biologists To Investigate Decline Of Native DeerA mysterious decline in pronghorn and mule deer along the Wyoming-Colorado border has the attention of a team of biologists who are gathering to investigate the change.
Decline In Mule Deer Near MeekerThe Colorado Division of Wildlife is concerned about a sharp decline in mule-deer numbers surrounding Meeker.