Mitch Morrissey

Mitch Morrissey (credit: CBS)

Follow Up to Denver’s Dirty Laundry

A follow up to my previous blog entry with important new details from DA Mitch Morrissey’s office.


DNA (credit: CBS)

Denver’s DA Behind The Push For Expanding Criminal DNA Sampling

It’s headed for a tough fight in the Legislature, but the man behind the plan to require anyone convicted of any crime in Colorado to provide a sample of DNA says it would be a great tool for fighting crime.


Charles Belcher, Gustav Eicher  and Matthew Stotz (credit: Denver District Attorney's Office)

3 Men Accused Of Industrial Espionage In Denver

Three men have been charged with stealing a company’s proprietary and customer information in Denver and selling it to a competitor.


Andre Jackson, Samuel Sims, Jackie McConnell (credit: Denver District Attorney's Office)

3 Indicted In Connection With 1994 Robbery & Murder In Denver

Three men have been indicted in connection to a robbery and murder that occurred in 1994.


An arrest document from the town of Bayfield (credit: CBS)

Suspected Serial Rapist Caught Driving Politician’s Car

CBS4 has learned a man accused of being a serial rapist has ties to at least one high-profile Colorado politician and may have volunteered for the Democratic Party.


CBS4's Valerie Castro talks with Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey (credit: CBS)

Denver D.A. Praises ‘Katie’s Law’ In Arrest Of Serial Rape Suspect

He got into a fight in a grocery store parking lot and now Denver police believe DNA evidence connects that man to three rapes — one involving a 13-year-old girl.


Dennis Esquibel (credit: Denver Police)

Man Accused In Deadly Hit And Run Arrested

The man accused in a hit and run that killed a young woman has been arrested. Police have been searching for the driver of that car since the collision early Sunday morning.


Dennis Esquibel (credit: Denver Police)

Police Arrest Suspect In Fatal Broadway Hit & Run

Denver police have arrested a man suspected in a hit-and-run crash that killed a 32-year-old woman.


(credit: ThinkStock)

No Charges For Denver Officer In August Shooting

The Denver district attorney says an officer who shot and wounded an armed man in August had a lawful right to defend himself and won’t face charges.


Robert Dewey (credit: CBS)

Prosecutor-Led Effort Frees Convicted Man

Colorado’s first prosecutor-led DNA exoneration of a man wrongfully convicted of murder came after a review of nearly 5,000 cases in a review effort that is spreading nationwide.





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