ACLU Calls DNA Collection On Misdemeanors A 'Serious Privacy Invasion'A bill that would force people to submit to Colorado's DNA database -- even for some misdemeanors -- is being heard at the state Capitol
Lawmakers Push For More DNA Samples From OffendersSome state lawmakers are pushing to get more samples from offenders in Colorado's DNA database. A bill proposed at the state Capitol would require samples even for some misdemeanors.
Bill Would Allow Certain Convictions To Be Sealed For First-Time OffendersColorado lawmakers are hearing a bill that would allow people convicted of 400 different crimes to have their records sealed.
Bill Would Require DNA From All Misdemeanor Convicts In ColoradoNearly all people going through Colorado's criminal court system will have to submit DNA samples under a bill introduced at the Statehouse.
Denver's DA Behind The Push For Expanding Criminal DNA SamplingIt's headed for a tough fight in the Legislature, but the man behind the plan to require anyone convicted of any crime in Colorado to provide a sample of DNA says it would be a great tool for fighting crime.
State Lawmaker Wants To Take All Misdemeanor Offenders' DNAThere's a proposal to collect DNA from everyone who commits a crime in Colorado, no matter how small.