Meteor Streaks Across Midwestern SkyThousands of people took to social media after a meteor streaked across the sky in the upper Midwest.
Large Fireball Seen Near Denver Could Have Left Meteorites BehindA large fireball seen high in the sky around Denver was not part of the Geminid meteor shower currently in progress.
Thursday's Predawn Sky To Be Dazzled By Perseid Meteor ShowerThis year the Perseid meteor shower peaks between August 11-14 but exceptional viewing is expected before sunrise on August 13.
Coloradans Spot Fireball Streaking Across SkyMany sharp-eyed Coloradans spotted what looked like a meteor in the clear night skies just before dawn Wednesday morning.
Local Experts: Rare Meteor That Struck Earth Could Happen OftenScientists at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science said the meteor that struck Earth likely came from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. And it could happen more often.