Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

(credit: CBS)

Police Still Looking For Suspects In Drug Bust

Police are still looking for three more suspects after an undercover drug bust in Boulder.


A sign outside one of the marijuana dispensaries (credit: CBS)

Feds Confirm Closure Of 25 More Pot Dispensaries Near Schools

Twenty-five more medical marijuana dispensaries were ordered to close on Monday. All were within 1,000 feet of schools.


(credit: CBS)

25 More Pot Dispensaries Put On Notice

The U.S. attorney for Colorado is launching another crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries.


Medical Marijuana (credit: Colorado Department of Transportation)

All Targeted Pot Shops Facing Deadline Close

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Denver says all 22 Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries that received letters to cease operation by Monday for being within 1,000 feet of a school are closed.


Marijuana (credit: CBS)

Medical Marijuana Shops Close To Schools Will Move Rather Than Fight

Nearly two dozen medical marijuana dispensaries located near schools are indicating they will move or close, rather than fight an order by the U.S. Attorney for Colorado.


Marijuana ice cream and burritos turned in today to the police because of the new dispensary ban (credit: Mark Neitro)

Fort Collins Marijuana Dispensaries Shut Down

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Fort Collins have shut down to meet a deadline imposed by voters.


Marijuana (credit: CBS)

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near Schools Will Have To Move

More letters will be mailed to medical marijuana dispensaries located near schools.


(credit: AP)

Medical Marijuana Patients Find Credit Cards Out

Medical marijuana dispensaries say some credit card companies are refusing to honor credit card purchases because of legal concerns.



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