Mazda Recalls Nearly 174K CarsMazda is recalling about 174,000 small cars in the U.S. because the seats can change angles suddenly, making the vehicles hard to drive.
Safety Agency Pushes For National Air Bag RecallThe federal government is demanding that the auto industry recall millions of additional cars equipped with faulty air bags that can injure -- and even kill -- a driver.
List Of Cars Affected By Airbag RecallA defect in the devices can possibly kill or injure the driver or passengers. Is your car on the list?
US Agency Warns Nearly 8 Million Car Owners To Get Air Bags FixedThe inflator mechanisms in the air bags can rupture, causing metal fragments to fly out when the bags are deployed in crashes.
Ford Launches New 2015 MustangCeremonial first 2015 Mustang rolls off the assembly line at Ford.
Ford Takes Nose-Dive On Most Reliable Vehicle ListFrom the most reliable cars to the least reliable, Consumer Reports has released its annual list of cars, and one American automaker is not where it was in recent years.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: James At The Brown Palace"It's not to be tampered with or toyed with." - James and his Mazda 3 Value Edition
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Conner At Food Kingdom In Breckenridge"Given the recreation I do, it does get a little beat around." - Conner and his Mazda 3
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mikaela At The Denver Center For Performing Arts"The Mazda has some great pick up. They advertise that it goes zoom-zoom." - Mikaela and her Mazda 3
'Consumer Reports' Surprises With Their Best Auto Maker Of 2012Consumer Reports has surprised a lot of consumers as they announce their pick for Best Auto Maker of 2012.
Not Just Japanese Cars Affected By Japan ProblemsThose in the market for a new car may have some problems getting the one they want. The disaster in Japan is showing just how heavily dependent the auto industry is on the country.