State Concerned Over Use Of Marijuana Edibles On Wednesday state leaders will meet to discuss how much marijuana is “too much.”
2 Former Pot Regulators Now Working For Marijuana IndustryTwo former top regulators of Colorado’s marijuana industry have now gone to work for the other side.
Marijuana Rules Face Colorado VoteMarijuana regulations including purchasing limits are up for review Wednesday in the House.
Marijuana Regulation Bills Introduced On The Eve Of 4/20State lawmakers are discussing two bills on how recreational marijuana might be bought and sold in Colorado.
Pot Regulation Faces More Delays In ColoradoMarijuana regulation is moving at a halting pace in Colorado, where lawmakers Thursday extended a self-imposed deadline to agree how the newly legal drug should be grown, packaged and sold.
Pot Regulation Due For Round Of Votes In ColoradoMarijuana is up for a big round of votes Thursday in the Colorado Legislature. Votes are expected on everything from how the newly legal drug should be grown and sold to whether out-of-state visitors should be allowed to buy it.
Medical Pot Regulation In Trouble In ColoradoColorado's medical marijuana regulations are badly enforced and in need of dramatic overhaul, state auditors concluded in a blistering 89-page report released Tuesday.
Extensive Colorado Pot Rules Don't Prevent CrackdownColorado's booming medical marijuana industry is regulated like no other. Public officials boast of tracking, measuring and taxing pot from seed to sale, calling Colorado a model of how to bring order to a medical marijuana business often compared to the Wild West.