Why Can't The Experts Agree On Mammograms? And What Should You Do?Here we go again. The same group that triggered uproar--and a lot of anger-- in 2009 with its recommendations on mammograms has re-issued its guidelines. And as CBS4's Dr. Dave Hnida explains, those guidelines once again spell concern and confusion for women and their doctors.
Colorado Breast Cancer Survivor Not Sold On New Mammogram GuidelinesIn a major change in guidelines, the American Cancer Society has recommended that women at average risk of breast cancer get their first mammogram at age 45.
When Should You Have A Mammogram? New Guidelines From The American Cancer SocietyFor the first time since 2003, the American Cancer Society has changed its recommendations on routine mammograms in women. They say women of average risk can start screening at age 45, a bump of five years from the old recommendation of age 40. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida explains that compared to other medical groups, this 45 year old start age by the ACS seems a compromise between those who say start at 40 and others who say 50.
'The Pink Life Saver' Lives Up To Its Name For Evergreen Breast Cancer PatientShe got a diagnosis of breast cancer on her lunch break, and now a woman from Evergreen is crediting a mammography motor coach with saving her life.
New Recommendations For Mammograms. Should You Follow Them?How often should you get a mammogram? If you’re looking for advice, prepare for confusion. Depending on who you listen to, the recommendation will most likely be different that what you would get from someone else. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida helps you sort through the latest advice.
Advanced Cases Of Breast Cancer Being Seen In More Younger WomenThere has been an increase in advanced cases of breast cancer in younger women and now the experts want to know why.
Rose Medical Center To Offer 2 New Ways To Fight Breast CancerThis month a Colorado hospital will offer two new technologies to fight breast cancer. One will improve detection while the other will improve treatment.
Fort Collins Woman Riding To Help Women Get MammogramsJulie Parker hadn't owned a bicycle since 2003, when she did a triathlon and put it up for sale on Craigslist with the title line "Good Riddance." Now she was 38 and out of shape, and her weight reflected that.
CU Study Renews Debate Over MammogramsA study from the University of Colorado has renewed the debate over mammography and breast cancer screening.
Study Recommends Mammograms For Women Age 40 And UpAnother study shows that it is important for women to get mammograms starting at age 40.