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Make My Day Law

A Jeffco Sheriff's deputy near the home invasion where an intruder was shot and killed (credit: CBS)

Intruder Killed In ‘Make My Day’ Case Was 52-Year-Old Man

The identity of an intruder who was shot and killed in a home invasion in Jefferson County has been released.


(credit: CBS)

Police Announce Arrest In Burglary Case Where Homeowner Fired Shots

Police in Denver on Tuesday announced the arrest of an 18-year-old male in connection with a burglary and car theft case.


(credit: ThinkStock)

Deadly Brawl Is Latest Test Of Self-Defense Laws

A Colorado prosecutor said he’s frustrated that the state’s “Make My Day” law prevents him from charging a man who killed an acquaintance during a drunken brawl that spilled into his home, becoming the latest test to self-defense gun laws nationwide.


An image from the scene (credit: Glenn McReynolds)

No Charges Against Homeowner Who Shot, Killed Intruder

No charges will be filed against a homeowner who shot a man at his house.


Zoey Ripple (credit: CBS)

CU Student Shot After Walking Into Boulder Home Pleads Guilty

The University of Colorado graduate shot when she wandered into a Boulder home has pleaded guilty to first-degree trespassing in a deferred sentence.


The Boulder County DA announced trespassing charges against Zoey Ripple in May 2012 after she allegedly was drunk when she walked into the home of two strangers in the middle of the night and awoke the couple while they were sleeping in their bedroom. The man in bed shot and injured the woman who police say was Ripple after she wouldn't identify herself when they asked her who she was. Ripple was charged after being discharged from the hospital. The homeowners faced no charges in the case.

Woman Shot After Wandering Into Boulder Home Formally Charged

The University of Colorado graduate shot when she wandered into a Boulder home is now charged with first-degree trespassing.


(credit: CBS)

No Charges Against Boulder Homeowner Who Shot Intruder

The Boulder District Attorney will not file any charges against the homeowner who shot and wounded a woman who entered his home and would not leave.


(credit: CBS)

Boulder Man Shoots Intruder Originally Thought To Be A Raccoon

A Boulder man shot an intruder who he claims walked into his home while he and his wife were asleep.


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Make My Day Law For Business Advances In Colorado

Colorado takes pride in its Western entrepreneurial spirit — and that extends to the belief of some lawmakers that business owners should be able to use deadly force against anyone who tries to take what’s theirs.


Azura Lakin, right, with family members outside the courtroom on Thursday (credit: CBS)

DA: ‘Make My Day’ Law Applies In Stabbing Case

A woman who killed a man with a beer bottle following a fight in Fort Collins earlier this month will not face charges.