SkyMall Is Going Out Of Business & I'm DevastatedSay goodbye to fluorescent ice cubs, man purses, and tree trolls that used to make you laugh on long flights. The goofiest of all magazines has filed for bankruptcy: SkyMall is going out of business.
Colorado Gun Magazine Law Proceeds After AgreementNew limits on ammunition magazines will continue in Colorado while sheriffs seek to overturn the law in court after attorneys in the case said Wednesday they had agreed on some technical fixes in the meantime.
Gun Control Opponents Display Blatant Defiance Of New LawStores across Colorado are pulling high-capacity magazines off shelves. A new law that took effect Monday limits magazines to 15 rounds and some people are already deliberately breaking the law.
Pot Magazines Scrutinized In Colorado, May Be Treated Like PornMarijuana magazines are under scrutiny in Colorado, where lawmakers might require stores to put them behind the counter.
Sheriffs Plan Lawsuit To Block New State Gun Laws
How Connecticut Gun Bill Compares To Colorado LawsGun control measures proposed in Connecticut after the December massacre in Newtown and expected to win approval Wednesday would be among the strongest such laws in the country.
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