Lightning Strike

Jordan Miklos hugs a firefighter (credit: CBS)

Lightning Strike Survivor Thanks Rescuers 7 Years Later

A lightning strike survivor says “thank you” seven years after rescuers saved his life.


Chip Wiman points to where the lightning traveled down his leg (credit:CBS)

Adams County Man Survives Getting Struck By Lightning

A 56-year-old man survived getting struck by lightning in Adams County on Friday. The strike happened at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Brighton.


An image of the fire at the home captured on home video (credit: CBS)

Lone Tree Lightning Strike Does Major Damage To Home

Lightning struck a home in Lone Tree during Monday’s intense thunderstorms, sparking a fire that heavily damaged the home.


(credit: CBS)

Fallen Branch Damages Denver House After Lightning Strike

A southeast Denver family has some clean up ahead of them after lightning struck a tree during a storm on Saturday.