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Lightning Strike

Fort Carson Army Post (credit: CBS)

Lightning At Fort Carson Leaves 12 Soldiers Hurt

Twelve soldiers were injured, one critically, after lightning struck near them during a training exercise at Fort Carson, a base spokesman said Thursday.


JJ on Twitter shared this photo with CBS4.

Lightning Strikes 12 Fort Carson Soldiers, 1 Critical

A dozen Fort Carson soldiers have been hospitalized after getting hit by lightning Wednesday afternoon.


Image from a Colorado Getaways feature on the national park on Sept. 2, 2011 (credit: CBS)

Hiker In Rocky Mtn. Nat’l Park Struck By Lightning

A woman was struck by lightning while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park on Thursday afternoon.


A photo of Vic Barclay's shed on fire after the lightning strike. (credit: Steve Grasso)

Lightning Strike Gives Centennial Homeowner A Scare

Lightning is to blame for sparking several wildfires in Colorado recently, but in one Denver-area community on man says lightning came far too close to home.


Damage from a lightning strike at a home in SE Aurora on June 5, 2013. The strike was so powerful it caused the living ceiling to collapse and blew some outdoor light bulbs in the home next door. (credit: CBS)

Aurora Homeowner Cleans Up House After Lightning Strike

A family in Aurora says it was the loudest thing they’ve ever heard. Now they’re cleaning up after lightning struck their house.


(credit: CBS)

Cleanup Under Way In Aurora After Lightning Strikes Tree

There was a lot to clean up in Aurora on Thursday morning after lightning hit a tree, stripping it clean of bark and flinging branches across a home.


This is believed to be spot where the lightning struck the man outside his car. (credit: CBS)

Lightning Strike Victim Still Hospitalized With Severe Burns

A wife says her husband has horrible burns after being hit by lightning, but the strike didn’t damage any of his internal organs.


This is believed to be spot where the lightning struck the man outside his car. (credit: CBS)

Father Hospitalized After Lightning Strike In Denver

A man in his 30s is in the hospital after being hit by lightning outside a synagogue on Wednesday.


Firefighters in Colorado Springs extinguished a house fire that was started by lightning Wednesday night. (credit: CBS)

Lightning Blamed For Starting House Fire

Severe weather that hit Wednesday night is being blamed for lightning that started a house fire in Colorado Springs.


Jordan Miklos hugs a firefighter (credit: CBS)

Lightning Strike Survivor Thanks Rescuers 7 Years Later

A lightning strike survivor says “thank you” seven years after rescuers saved his life.





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