Downtown King Soopers Offers Oasis In Food DesertA new King Soopers opened in downtown Denver on Wednesday and offered an oasis to what is called a "food desert."
New King Soopers In Downtown Denver Will Eliminate A Food DesertThis Wednesday a new King Soopers will open in downtown Denver. The store is located at 20th Avenue and Chestnut Street. It's expected to solve one of downtown's biggest problems.
New Safeway Payment System Penalizes Those Who Buy Gas With Credit CardsColorado may now be seeing lower gas prices but one method of payment may drive some prices back up.
NuVal Food Score System Comes Under QuestionFood scores are designed to help people make healthy choices, but now the way food is scored is coming under question.
Shoppers Taking Home Plastic Grocery Baskets From Carbondale City MarketThere's only one grocery store in the town of Carbondale that now has to abide by a ban on plastic shopping bags, and now it's got a problem on its hands.
King Soopers Settles Discrimination ComplaintThe owner of the King Soopers supermarket chain in Colorado has agreed to pay $80,000 to settle a complaint of discrimination against a former employee with a learning disability.
King Soopers Creates Entertainment For Little ShoppersKing Soopers is hoping to lure more parents in for grocery shopping. The chain is now offering carts packed full of entertainment for the kids.