Man Convicted Of Aspen Socialite's Murder Found Dead In Prison CellThe man who was convicted of murdering Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister was found dead in his prison cell on Thursday.
Despite Conviction, Questions Still Remain In Murder Of Aspen Socialite Nancy PfisterDespite a confession and the case being closed, many still believe the evidence shows the death of Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister wasn't by the hands of one man.
Lie-Detector Answers, Threats Led To Arrests In Aspen Socialite's MurderLaw enforcement initially suspected and arrested two women in the bludgeoning death of an Aspen socialite because one offered shaky answers in a lie-detector test and the other repeatedly threatened to kill the victim.
Preliminary Hearings Delayed For Suspects In Murder Of Aspen Socialite A judge has delayed the preliminary hearings for three people accused of murdering an Aspen socialite.
Suspects In Murder Of Prominent Aspen Woman Want Documents SealedThe three people accused of killing an Aspen woman do not want some details of the case to be made public.
DA: No More Suspects In Pfister's SlayingAuthorities say they do not suspect anyone besides the three people in custody had a role in the slaying of Aspen resident Nancy Pfister and no more arrests are expected.