Sponsor Of Bath Salts Bill Looks Forward To Enforcement Of New LawThe synthetic drugs known as bath salts are now officially banned in Colorado. Tobacco shops and even some convenience stores across the state sold the synthetic cathinones.
Marijuana Money Prompts Legal Flap In ColoradoColorado is facing accusations of misusing money from medical marijuana patients.
Divided Colorado Senate Approves 'Buy American' BillA divided Colorado Senate has voted along party lines to approve a bill giving preference in state contracts for American-made products and equipment.
Buy USA Bill Becomes Controversial At State CapitolColorado lawmakers are split on a bill which would encourage businesses to buy products made in America.
Buy American: CO Debates Bidding PreferencesIt may be patriotic to buy American, but Colorado lawmakers are divided on whether legislation should give a boost to construction companies that do it.
'Bath Salts' Penalties Move Forward In ColoradoSelling or manufacturing synthetic drugs known as "bath salts" would be illegal in Colorado under a bill in consideration at the state Legislature.