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Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont (credit: CBS)

Community Gathers For Fundraiser For Woman Who Lost Unborn Baby In Brutal Attack

A community of family and friends gathered at a popular spot in Longmont to raise money and show their support for the woman who was brutally attacked, her unborn baby stolen from her womb.


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Colorado Lawmakers Start Work On Marijuana Refund Proposal

Colorado lawmakers started work Wednesday on a proposal to ask voters to keep some $58 million in marijuana tax collections.


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Bill To Require Background Checks On Youth Sports Proposed Once Again At State Capitol

State lawmakers are once again debating a bill to require background checks for volunteers with youth sports organizations. It’s the second time around for the bill that was introduced and killed earlier this year.


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Pot-Shop Warnings For Pregnant Women Clears Colorado Hurdle

Saying that pregnant and nursing women need additional education about marijuana, the Colorado House gave preliminary approval Monday to a bill requiring warnings to be posted in pot shops.


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Colorado Trying Again To Add Maternal Warnings At Pot Shops

Colorado pot shops would have to post warnings for pregnant and nursing women under a bill that passed its first test at the state Legislature on Tuesday.


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Colorado Lawmakers Agree Edible Pot Must Get New Look

Edible marijuana sold in Colorado must have a new look. That’s according to state senators from both parties who rejected a bill Wednesday to loosen a requirement that pot cookies and candies not look like regular foods.


Marijuana edibles (credit: CBS)

Colorado May Give Up On Changing Edible Pot

Colorado may throw a white flag on one of its toughest marijuana problems to emerge in the new market — making sure that edible pot products can’t be confused with regular foods.


Denver police officers during a recent police operation (credit: CBS)

Push For State Law To Help First Responders With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

State lawmakers are considering making moves toward a measure that would help officers and first responders at crime scenes or accidents deal with post traumatic stress disorder.


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Bill Expanding Parental Education Control Fails In Colorado

Democrats on Tuesday rejected a Republican bill that would have given parents broad authority over their children’s school curriculum and medical treatment.


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Colorado Faces Lawsuit From Residents Over Legal Marijuana

Colorado already is being sued by two neighboring states for legalizing marijuana. Now, the state faces an additional federal lawsuit from its own citizens.