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Turnout Strong So Far In Colorado Recall Elections

Turnout in Colorado’s first legislative recall elections has been strong so far.


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Recall Election Voting Puts Spotlight On Voter Fraud Concerns

Early voting is underway in the recall election of Colorado Senate President John Morse and accusations of voter fraud and intimidation are in the spotlight.


Morse, John

Early Voting Begins In Sen. Morse Recall Election

Voters in El Paso County can start casting ballots in the state’s first legislative recall election.


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Aurora, Newtown Relatives Campaign In Colorado Recall

Campaigning in Colorado’s first legislative recall election is picking up.


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NRA Steps Up Contributions In Colorado Recalls

The NRA is increasing financial support with $250,000 to try to recall two Colorado Democratic lawmakers who voted for new gun restrictions this year.


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As Colorado Recalls Loom, Legal Wrangling Continues

Colorado’s first-ever recall elections for state lawmakers are going to be like a mixed-breed dog.


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More Legal Haggling Over Colorado Recall Elections

Colorado elections administrators are back in court Wednesday ironing out how to run next month’s legislative recalls in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.


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Colorado’s Recall Circus Keeps Getting Better

Just when you thought the historic recall elections couldn’t get crazier, events this week proved to us all that it’s just getting started.


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Court Issues Guidance To Count Colorado Recall Votes

The Colorado Supreme Court is considering a question from Gov. John Hickenlooper on whether voters in two legislative recalls have to vote “yes” or “no” first on the recall to have their votes for a successor validated.


Gov. Hickenlooper signs gun control bills into law on Wednesday. (credit: CBS)

Will the Newest Quinnipiac Poll Effect 2014?

While the newest poll from Quinninpiac University about Colorado politics is about what’s going on right now, it may have a major impact on the election season in 2014.





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