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Jefferson County

(credit: CBS)

Marijuana Pops Out Of Teacher’s Luggage During Packing Demonstration To Students

A teacher accused of bringing marijuana to a Jefferson County middle school is being questioned about how the pot ended up becoming part of a lesson.


Steven Weigum (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

Principal Accused Of Sex Assault On Child, Incest Formally Charged

An elementary school principal accused of sexual assault learned of the official charges he faces in court on Tuesday.


Bruco Eastwood (credit: CBS)

School Shooting Victim Shouts Obscenities After Gunman Granted Partial Freedom

There was a strong reaction from a victim of the 2010 shooting at Deer Creek Middle School after a judge granted the gunman partial freedom on Friday.


Bruco Eastwood (credit: CBS)

Man Who Shot Students At Middle School Allowed To Leave Hospital For Visits

A judge has ruled that a man who shot two students outside a middle school will be allowed to leave the mental hospital for supervised visits.


Naeschylus Vinzant, left, Officer Paul Jerothe, right (credit: Aurora Police)

Jefferson County DA To Review Aurora Police Shooting Case

As protesters gathered in front of the Aurora Municipal Center on Thursday evening for they asked for peace and answers.


William Lindauer (credit: CBS)

Chilling Statements Found In Blog Of Man Suspected Of Setting House On Fire

Less than four hours before William Lindauer allegedly spray painted “My Wife Is A Cheater” on his family’s home and then set the house on fire, he blogged about his anger.


(credit: CBS)

‘My Wife Is A Cheater’ Arson Suspect Admits Being ‘Drunk And Stupid’

A man accused of spray painting the phrase “My wife is a cheater” on his home before setting it on fire told police he was drunk and stupid and doesn’t remember starting the fire.


Steven Weigum (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

Judge Mentions Accused Principal Being Found In Hotel Room With Pills & Handgun

An elementary school principal in Jefferson County who faces charges of sexual assault on a child remains behind bars and has been put on leave from the school.


Steven Weigum (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

Elementary School Principal Accused Of Sex Assault On Child In Jefferson County

The principal of an elementary school in Jefferson County has been accused of sexual assault on a child.


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Bison Go To The Highest Bidders At Genesee Park

Ranchers and breeders gathered Friday afternoon for an annual auction in Genesee Park in Jefferson County.