Colorado Judge Skeptical Of Gay Marriage BanColorado's gay marriage ban appeared to be on thin ice Monday after a judge considering two lawsuits against the law pointed out that 15 other judges have recently struck down similar bans in other states.
Marijuana Industry Relieved As Feds Allow Banking But It Might Not HappenThe marijuana industry breathed a sigh of relief Friday after federal banking regulators issued long-awaited permission for them to access basic banking services.
State Pot Regulators Agree Things Are Running SmoothlyState marijuana regulators and professors agree that things are going relatively well in the new business of legal pot.
Marijuana Acceptance Varies Across HemisphereMarijuana's acceptance is growing in Latin America as much as in the U.S., but the support is top-down in most countries except the United States, editors were told Monday at the 69th General Assembly of the Inter American Press Association.
Congress Looks At Justice's Marijuana DecisionThe Obama administration is facing criticism over its attempt to straddle the federal law that makes marijuana illegal and state laws that permit recreational use of the drug.
Pot Purchasing Limits Proposed In Colorado Marijuana consumers in Colorado could be in store for purchasing limits well below what they're allowed to have.
Recreational Pot Regulation Work Begins In ColoradoA 24-member task force appointed to set up marijuana rules meets Monday for the first time.