The Laundry Truck Adds 2nd TruckThe Laundry Truck will soon be able to help twice the number of people thanks to the addition of a second truck.
Group Petitions For Sales Tax Increase To Solve City ProblemsThere's a new approach to solving many of Denver's biggest problems with one shot, but it could be up to voters to make it happen.
Homeless Development Evokes Fury Among ResidentsLakewood residents were fired up at Thursday night’s public meeting hosted by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.
Denver Has New Plan To Help Renters Facing EvictionWith Denver's skyrocketing real estate, more and more people are finding themselves forced out of their homes. In some cases, that means eviction.
Cities, Volunteers Clash Over Feeding Homeless In PublicA volunteer and her lawyers say a citation for serving food without a permit was improper and demonstrates callousness toward the homeless. The city and some advocates say feeding people on the streets can hinder long-term solutions and raises sanitation concerns.
Homeless Shelter Sees Influx Of Women Needing HelpSome of Denver’s most vulnerable homeless will be seeking shelter for the bitter cold at the Samaritan House's emergency shelter for women.
New Startup Aimed At Helping Homeless With Everyday NecessitiesA new Denver startup is revolutionizing the way people help others dealing with homelessness.
City Shuts Down Affordable Housing, Tenants Now Living In ParkDenver has shut down an apartment building to "protect the residents," but now those residents have found themselves with nowhere to go.
Fitness Program Explores Tie Between Lifting Weights And Getting SoberMark McIntosh is the founder of the program called A Stronger Cord that helps people on the road to recovery.
Denver Unveils 5-Year Housing PlanDenver Mayor Michael Hancock and city leaders released a five-year plan for providing more housing opportunities for residents in need on Friday.
Old Home Gets New Use For Homeless YouthA rundown old house is getting a complete makeover and a new purpose as a home for homeless youth.
Police: Don't Feed Panhandling Transient's 'Alcohol Addiction'Police in Wyoming are encouraging people to give to charities instead of giving money to panhandlers on the street.