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Brooke’s Bargains: Gift Card Bargains — Do They Exist?

I understand why many people enjoy giving and receiving gift cards. They offer a simple way to give someone on your list exactly what they want because they can pick it out.


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Don’t Ever Miss The Best Deal Again!

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful if you realize you can take advantage of better deals at a later date if you missed out.


Police in Aurora believe the Home Depot robbers got away in a white Nissan Pathfinder. (credit: Aurora Police Dept.)

Police Search For Gunmen Who Robbed A Home Depot

Police in Aurora are searching for two men with guns who stormed into a Home Depot store and forced customers and employees to the floor.


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Light Bulbs Can Offer Bright Ideas When It Comes To Saving Money

With more and more energy efficient light bulbs on the market, consumers can feel overwhelmed with all the choices. Learning the difference between bulbs is more important now than ever before.


Police in Denver search for a bank robbery suspect believed to be inside a Home Depot store. (credit: CBS)

Police Search For Bank Robber Inside Home Depot

Police in Denver continue to search for a man who robbed a bank inside a King Soopers. The suspect was believed to be hiding inside a Home Depot store. Officers searched the store but did not find him.


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Get A Gorgeous Garden By Spending Less

There’s a big difference in cost when gardeners compare nursery prices, but is there really that much difference in what your money will grow?


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Next Few Weeks Can Make Big Difference For A Lawn

Investing in a lawn now can save vast amounts of money in both upkeep and water this summer.


Job Available In Colorado

Click the links below for more information about jobs available in Colorado.

Leprino Foods: www.leprinofoods.com/careers
Home Depot: www.careers.homedepot.com
U.S. Postal Service: www.usps.com/employment
Advance Colorado: www.advancecolorado.com/bottomup


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Home Depot Looks To Hire 800 Jobs In Denver Area

Home Depot says it’s hiring for 800 jobs in the Denver area. The positions are described by the company as “temporary seasonal.”