Colorado Town Records Coldest Christmas In 125 YearsChristmas 2017 was one to remember in Holyoke, Colorado.
Some Think It's Too Easy To Amend The Colorado Constitution And It Needs To ChangeThe November ballot in Colorado could be very crowded. The proposed initiatives this year hit on issues including assisted suicide, a fracking ban and single payer health care. All the proposals would require amending the state constitution.
Storm That Spawned Tornado, Dumped Hail Near Holyoke 'A Doozy'A tornado briefly touched down Wednesday afternoon about 15 miles south of the town of Holyoke in northeastern Colorado.
Rarest Of Colorado Tornadoes Have Happened 3 Times Since 1950, But 11 Times PriorKiller tornadoes hit somewhere in the United States each year but they are rare in Colorado.
Uncertainty Dominates New Hemp MarketMarijuana's square cousin, industrial hemp, has come out of the black market and is now legal for farmers to cultivate, opening up a new lucrative market. That was the idea, anyway.
School Bus With Students On Board Hit By Bullets In HolyokeThe mayor and police chief in Holyoke promise to crack down on violence after a school bus with children on board was hit by gunfire.
Heavy Winds Cause Damage On Eastern PlainsThe storm that brought snow to the Front Range on Tuesday also spawned severe weather as it moved through the Eastern Plains.
Snowstorm Hits Eastern Plains HarderThe snowstorm that left a few inches of snow in Denver on Thursday morning hit the Eastern Plains of Colorado a bit harder, making things difficult for snow removal crews and travelers.
Some Eastern Plains Schools Closed Due To WeatherSeveral schools on Colorado's eastern plains decided to close on Friday because of icy conditions on the roads, high winds and blowing snow.