Crews Break Gas Line While Clearing MudslideCrews clearing mudslides that measured one to two feet thick on Highway 145 in San Miguel County, broke a gas line on Tuesday. That forced some residents and businesses to be evacuated.
Mudslides Close Highway 145 In San Miguel CountyMudslides measuring one to two feet in some areas of San Miguel County have closed Highway 145 in that area.
Series Of Deep Mudslides Force Evacuations In San Miguel CountyDrivers were being evacuated in San Miguel County due to a series of mudslides.
Dog Reunited With Widow After Protecting Owner's Body From CoyotesA dog that stayed by its owner's side to keep away predators after he died in the frigid mountains has been returned home to his family.
Dog Guards Missing Skier's Dead Body From CoyotesFour people survived a helicopter crash during a search and rescue mission of a cross-country skier who was later found dead.
Sheriff Captures Wall Of Water On Video After Ice Dam BreaksSan Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters was in the right spot at the right time when an ice dam broke on the San Miguel River on Tuesday.
Man Injured By Homemade Explosive Near RicoAuthorities in southwestern Colorado don't believe a New Mexico man who injured himself with a homemade explosive was trying to harm anyone.