People Could Be Recruited To Monitor Heavy Metals In Urine After Mine SpillExtensive soil and water sampling would be done along the Animas River in northwestern New Mexico and residents would be recruited to assess the level of heavy metals in their urine under a plan.
Researchers Find Heavy Metals Along Animas River After Mine SpillResearchers say they found scattered accumulations of heavy metals along 60 miles of riverbank in Colorado and New Mexico after the Gold King Mine spill, and any potential threat to crops and livestock should be studied further.
EPA Says No Risk From Colorado River SedimentsFederal officials say initial tests on sediments collected downstream of a mine waste spill show no risk to people using Colorado's Animas River.
Animas River Open To Public, Recreation After ContaminationThe Animas River has reopened to the public for recreational use after the wastewater contamination from an abandoned mine last week.
EPA Test Results Show Mine Spill Unleashed Highly Toxic StewThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday said its surface-water testing done before, during and after 3 million gallons of mine waste flowed through Colorado show very high levels of heavy metals.
Damages In Mine Spill Will Take Years To TabulateThe spill of toxic wastewater from an abandoned gold mine high in Colorado's San Juan Mountains caused untold millions in economic disruptions and damages in three states.
Congressional Committee Asks For Investigation Into Animas River ContaminationA congressional committee has asked the Environmental Protection Agency Office of the Inspector General to investigate the cause of the wastewater spill into the Animas River and the EPA response.
EPA: 'Make It Right' On Animas River ContaminationThe Environmental Protection Agency is promising to "make it right" when it comes to the wastewater contamination of the Animas River.
Experts See Long-Term Calamity From Colorado Mine SpillThe toxic waste gushing from a Colorado mine and threatening downstream water supplies in at least three states will continue to be dangerous whenever contaminated sediments get stirred up from the river bottom, authorities said Wednesday.
Navajo Nation Says It Feels Brunt Of Colorado Mine LeakAt the Gold King Mine, Russell Begaye, president of the Navajo Nation, couldn't help but see the concerned faces of his people.
Rafting Industry, Tourism Business React To Animas River ContaminationFor rafting and fishing businesses, this year was set to be one of the best but that all changed last week after the massive spill of wastewater on the Animas River.
Gov. Hickenlooper Goes To See Mine Spill ImpactColorado's governor is visiting a stretch of river contaminated by yellow wastewater that spilled from an abandoned mine.