DEFEND YOUR RIDE: John At The Littleton Courthouse"I picked it up in Germany then spent a week driving around Germany." - John and his BMW 335 iCoupe
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Doug Downtown At 18th Street & Glenarm Place"It’s comfortable, reliable. I’ve enjoyed it." - Doug and his Jetta TDI
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Conner At Food Kingdom In Breckenridge"Given the recreation I do, it does get a little beat around." - Conner and his Mazda 3
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Carrie At Tattered Cover Bookstore"The van is about joy because it's for our family." - Carrie and her Oldsmobile Silhouette
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Charlie At The Denver Art Museum "The last 5,000 miles, I've put on in the last six months." - Charlie and his Ford Courier
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Bill & Christian On Frozen Lake Georgetown“Audi, it's actually a very practical car for a sports car.” - Bill and his Audi RS4