Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Raises FeesThe board of directors of Colorado's health insurance exchange has raised fees that will be passed on to consumers as it and other states face decreased federal funding and struggle to predict enrollment figures.
Both Parties Now Want Health Exchange Review In ColoradoDemocrats and Republicans in Colorado agreed Tuesday that the state health insurance exchange needs a deep review.
Colorado Health Exchange Seeks To Boost NumbersColorado's state-run insurance exchange opened for its second year of business Saturday, and health officials are hoping to attract a third more customers.
5 Ways To Buy Health Insurance Without A Government ExchangeIf you are not assured by promises of a highly secure government exchange to buy health insurance, skip it.
Colorado Officials Pleased With Health Care Sign-UpsColorado officials say they are pleased with the state's new health exchange program, despite a few computer problems on opening day.
Health Reform Rollout: Today – 2018
Some In GOP Want To Rethink Colorado Health ExchangeDisagreement in the Colorado Republican Party over health care is coming to the fore as two GOP lawmakers seek to repeal a state health care exchange.