Hawaii Rescue Boat Operator Accused Of Demanding Money From Flood VictimsKauai Police said several complaints led them to arrest boat operator Stephen Koehne, 33, on suspicion of extortion, robbery and terroristic threatening.
Hawaii Man: False Missile Alert 'Was Like A Body Blow'A former Hawaii state worker who sent a false missile alert last month said Friday he's devastated about causing panic but was "100 percent sure" at the time that the attack was real.
Trial Starts For Woman Charged With Killing Her TwinA murder trial began Monday for a woman accused of deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii and killing her identical twin sister.
Hawaii Governor Was Slow To Correct Missile Blunder Because He Forgot His Twitter PasswordAlthough Governor David Ige reportedly knew the alert was a mistake two minutes after it was sent, Ige confessed he forgot what his Twitter password was so he could tell the public.
Hawaiis False Alarm Triggers Disaster Questions For ColoradoAutomated emergency alert systems are used just about everywhere.
Coloradans Recall Fear, Panic In Hawaii After Missile False AlarmColoradoans returning from Hawaii recalled fear, panic and some touching moments after an alert, warning of a missile attack, was mistakenly transmitted.
'Kept Telling Her How Much I Loved Her': Coloradans React To False Missile ThreatAn alert warning those in Hawaii of an imminent missile attack struck fear in many.
Hawaii Officials Mistakenly Warn Of Inbound MissileA push alert that warned of ballistic missile heading straight for Hawaii and sent residents into a full-blown panic Saturday was a mistake, state emergency officials said.
Missile Threat Alert For Hawaii Declared A False AlarmAn emergency alert notification sent out on Saturday claiming a "ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii" was a false alarm, according to the Hawaii Office of Emergency Management and a tweet from one of the state's Democratic congresswomen.
After 60 Years Of Friendship, Men Learn They're Biological BrothersBorn in Honolulu, they first met in elementary school, played high school football together and joke they could have married the same girl.
U.S. City Makes It Illegal To Smoke In Cars With KidsThe ban will heavily fine any smoker caught with a regular or electronic cigarette while a minor is in the vehicle.
Southwest Airlines Announces Plans To Fly To HawaiiSouthwest Airlines just announced plans to send flights to Hawaii.