Hash Oil Explosion 'Could Have Hurt Innocent People'Investigators believe hash oil is to blame for an explosion that destroyed a garage in north Denver.
Hash Oil Blamed For Garage ExplosionInvestigators say illegal hash oil extraction is the cause of an explosion that left people injured.
2 Arrested In Connection With Hash Oil ExplosionDeputies have arrested two people in connection to an explosion in Lafayette in February.
Home Collapse, Fire Investigated As Hash Oil ExplosionA house partially collapsed after an explosion on Monday evening. It was being investigated as a possible hash oil explosion.
Not A Meth Lab, But Just As DangerousPolice in Denver say they discovered a hash oil operation inside a home they initially believed was a methamphetamine lab on Thursday.
Man Arrested After Hash Oil Explosion At Colorado Springs HomeOne man has been arrested after he allegedly caused an explosion in his home.
Anonymous Tip Leads To Butane Hash Oil Lab, Arrest In VailA Vail man has been arrested after investigators from the Vail Police Department and the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office followed up on an anonymous tip from members of the community related to the production of butane hash oil in the Intermountain neighborhood of Vail.
Pot Products Recalled, Pot Shop Fires Employee For Unapproved PesticidesJeremy Kilbourne dropped off a box of jars filled with marijuana. The marijuana could sell for thousands of dollars, but not now.
New Colorado Laws Address Homemade Hash Oil, CyberbullyingPeople who make marijuana hash oil with hazardous materials at home will face felony charges in Colorado, and online bullies will face harassment penalties with new state laws taking effect Wednesday.
Eagle Co. DA On Making Hash Oil: 'Don't Try This At Home'Authorities are urging people to not make hash oil at home but to buy it in a store, legally. This comes after the dangerous problem of explosions, caused by people making hash oil, that's becoming more common in Colorado.
Colorado Advances Penalties For Homemade Hash OilColorado lawmakers advanced a measure that would make it a felony to use explosive gases to make hash oil at home.
Bill To Regulate Hash Oil Extraction Debated At State CapitolA bill to regulate hash oil extraction was debated in its first committee hearing at the state Capitol on Thursday. Supporters believe hash oil needs to be regulated but opponents believe the bill is unconstitutional.