Hantavirus (credit: CBS)

Colorado Man Dies After Contracting Hantavirus

Health officials say a southeastern Adams County man has died after contracting hantavirus.


Deer mice carry hantavirus (credit: cdphe.state.co.us)

Health Officials Issue Warning After Eagle County Man Dies From Hantavirus

A man in Eagle County has died from hantavirus, a disease that kills nearly half of the people who get infected.


Deer mice carry hantavirus (credit: cdphe.state.co.us)

Mesa County Boy Treated For Hantavirus

Health officials say a western Colorado boy is being treated after contracting hantavirus.


Deer mice carry hantavirus (credit: cdphe.state.co.us)

Hantavirus Case Reported In Garfield County

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says a Garfield County resident has the first confirmed case of hantavirus in the state this year.


Joseph Hamilton (credit: Park County Sheriff's Department)

Park County Deputy Dies Of Possible Hantavirus Infection

The Park County Sheriff’s Department is mourning the death of one of its deputies.


Deer mice carry hantavirus (credit: cdphe.state.co.us)

Yosemite Officials Say 1,700 Visitors Risk Hantavirus Exposure

About 1,700 people who stayed in tent cabins at Yosemite National Park this summer were warned Tuesday they may have been exposed to a deadly rodent-borne virus blamed for the deaths of two campers.


Hantavirus (credit: CBS)

Adams County Woman Dies From Hantavirus

A woman from Adams County has died of hantavirus. It is the first fatal case of hantavirus in Colorado this year.


3 Hantavirus Cases Reported In Colorado This Year

Three people in Colorado have tested positive for Hantavirus this year, and state officials are warning about the dangers of rodents passing the disease to humans.


Hantavirus (credit: CBS)

Hantavirus Has Potential To Be Deadly

So far this year in Colorado, one person has died and two others have been sickened from Hantavirus. It’s a respiratory disease carried by deer mice and transmitted by inhaling dust contaminated with the virus.


Deer mice carry hantavirus (credit: cdphe.state.co.us)

Colorado Reports 1 Death From Hantavirus

State health officials say one person has died of hantavirus in Colorado this year and a second has been sickened by it.