Gessler Backtracks, Won't Take Side JobColorado's secretary of state says he's changed his mind and won't take a side job with his old law firm.
Gessler Says Moonlighting Plans May Be DerailedColorado's secretary of state said a law firm where he planned to moonlight while in office is uneasy about releasing the names of its clients, a suggestion made to stem concerns over possible preferential treatment from him.
Gessler Suggests Review Of Officials' SalariesColorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler told lawmakers Wednesday they should have a state commission review the salaries of state elected officials after he was criticized for wanting to work part-time for his old law firm.
Gessler And Stapleton: No Part-Time Job ConflictsColorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler and state Treasurer Walker Stapleton insisted Tuesday there will be no conflicts of interest while they continue working part-time with their old firms.
Moonlighting Doesn’t Pass the Political Smell TestScott Gessler is Colorado’s newly elected Secretary of State. Regardless of what side of the aisle you are on, his plans to moonlight 20 hours a month with his former law firm don't pass the smell test, writes blogger Dominic Dezzutti.