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Greeley City Council

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Greeley City Council Votes To Ban ‘Vaping’ In Restaurants And Bars

Bars and restaurants in Greeley are already smoke free, and now the city has decided vapor pens are banned as well.


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Sex Offenders Allowed To Live Closer To Schools In Greeley

The Greeley City Council recently voted to reduce restrictions and allow sex offenders to live closer to schools, parks and recreation centers.



Greeley City Council Votes To Allow Sex Offenders Closer To Schools

The Greeley City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to replace their current restrictions on where registered sex offenders can live in favor of new rules that reduce buffer zones.


Greeley City Council Rejects Tobacco Tax

The Greeley City Council has rejected a proposal to ask voters in November to add a 75-cent-per-pack tax on all cigarettes purchased in Greeley.


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No Challengers For Greeley City Council

A lack of challengers for seats on the Greeley City Council may force the city to cancel its municipal elections this fall.