Gas Prices

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Drivers Get Holiday Present At The Pumps

Drivers are getting an early holiday present at the pumps as national gas prices are down 5 cents in the past two weeks.


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Gas Prices Down But So Is Economy

Gas prices are down in the Denver metro area between three and four cents from a week ago. That’s the good news. The bad news is it’s a double-edged sword. Gas prices are down, but so is the economy.


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King Soopers Launches New Program To Save On Gas

There is a new way to save money on a gas. At King Soopers, If shoppers buy enough in their stores, they could save up to $1 a gallon at the pump.


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Be Wary Of Tempting Free Gas Offers

Gas prices are high and who knows when they’ll drop. That’s why drivers have got to be careful, especially now, with tempting offers promising to help save at the pump.


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Price At The Pump Could Drop As Much As 50 Cents

Forget $4 a gallon for gas — at least for now. After 44 days of consecutive price hikes, the price of a barrel of oil dropped again Friday, settling at just above $97.


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$4 Gas Prices Arrive In Colorado

They’re here — $4 gas prices have come to Colorado.


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Gas Prices Affecting How Coloradans Drive

Right now the average price for a gallon of regular, unleaded gas in the nation is $3.11. In Colorado the average price is $2.93.


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People Driving Less Because Of Rising Gas Prices

A survey found that in the first week of April Americans used nearly 4 percent less gas than the same time last year. In Colorado gas shot up nearly 10 cents in the past week.


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MapQuest Now Has Gas Price Feature

We’re all looking for ways to save money, especially on something like gas, which has been constantly on the rise the past few weeks. Now a popular website is able to help drivers find the lowest prices on gas in their neighborhood.


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Small Businesses Begin To Feel Pain From Gas Prices

Gas prices went up again overnight in Colorado but AAA says the state has some of the least expensive gas in the country.