As Denver Thaws, Frozen Pipes Cause HeadachesAs frozen pipes thaw from the record-setting cold snap this week, they'll possibly burst if they're full of water.
Warmer Temperatures Can Burst Frozen PipesRising temperatures are causing frozen pipes to thaw out and might cause problems for homeowners.
How To Keep Pipes From Freezing In The ColdFrozen pipes cause a huge amount of damage each year, but unlike natural disasters, this disaster is largely preventable.
Plumbers See Calls Double After The Deep FreezePlumbing companies said they saw their calls more than double on Wednesday because the quick change in weather made a spike in frozen pipes bursting.
Warmer Weather Causes Problems With Frozen PipesAfter several days of below freezing temperatures in the Denver metro area and several nights below zero, the warmer weather is causing some issues with pipes.
Freezing Issues Force 5 Douglas County Schools To CloseFive different schools in Douglas County were closed Monday because of water problems caused by extremely cold temperatures.
Keep Your Pipes From Bursting In Freezing WeatherWater loss damage from burst pipes is second in insurance claims only to hail damage in Colorado. There are ways to keep the pipes in your home from bursting.
Prevent Frozen Pipes With A Few Simple StepsWhen the weather warms up after a few days of subzero temperatures, that is when plumbers are the busiest. Those frozen pipes thaw and the breaks begin.
Busted Pipes Can Happen In Homes Old & NewFrigid temperatures are taking their toll on homes in the metro area, both old and new. Plumbers are busy this week fixing busted pipes.
Apt. Fire Started While Thawing Frozen Pipes With Propane TorchFirefighters in Denver rushed to the Aspen Arms apartments at 335 Sherman Wednesday afternoon. They said someone started a fire while trying to thaw frozen pipes with a propane torch.
Your Pipes Might Be Saying, Baby, It's Cold Outside!What you can do to keep your pipes from freezing? Tips that could help you save a lot of money and worry.
Broken Pipes Cause Problems All Over Metro AreaWater damage from frozen pipes is causing headaches for homeowners. It's also forcing churches to cancel services and creating big clean-up issues for schools.