It's One Court Against Another Over Jury Nullification Protests In DenverA federal judge will decide if the City of Denver should be held in contempt of court for interfering with protesters handing out pamphlets in front of the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse.
Colorado Lawmaker's Abortion Comments Continue To Roil GOPColorado Republicans are continuing to argue publicly over a fellow Republican's abortion comments in response to a Colorado woman who allegedly cut an unborn child from her mother's belly.
Colorado House Passes New Penalties For CyberbullyingBullying on social media would be penalized with a misdemeanor harassment charge and possible jail time with a bill approved by Colorado House lawmakers.
Westminster Man With Sign Aimed At Police Sues Over ArrestA Westminster man says he was arrested in retaliation for speaking about police abuses during a city council meeting.
Colorado's Abortion Clinic 'Buffer Zone' Stays Intact After Supreme Court RulingThe buffer zone will remain in effect at abortion clinics across Colorado after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 35-foot buffer zone at clinics in Massachusetts.
The Politics Of Commencement SpeechesCan the debate over speakers at commencement ceremonies trigger a greater respect for free speech beyond the college campus?
Colorado Springs Defending Panhandling BanColorado Springs officials are in federal court Thursday defending a recent panhandling ban from a free-speech challenge.